Customer Care


A community of computer and business professionals.

We look at technology as a way of revolutionizing our surrounding environment by helping our clients turn their ideas into reality.

We Believe
People have ideas to change the world

No matter how hard the task may seem, always focus on finding a solution. Don't say something is impossible and focus on solving a problem at hand instead of finding reasons why it can't be done


Anish Denis

Natugasha Dennis Anish

Founder & Team Leader

"With millions of apps in the App Stores, how do you ensure that yours is the one that steals the thunder? There are three components to it: a good idea, solid execution, and aggressive promotion. Our team will work with you during all of those stages to make sure you succeed. It's not just work for us. Creating successful apps is what we live for and what we absolutely love doing"

Charles Kalungi

Charles Kalungi

Software Engineer & CTO

A simple question is how an engine work? Personally I know some theories but not very sure.Charles is a person who makes the engine work by carefully putting together all the necessary parts and fittings and our engine is our software.

Charles writes code with passion and often reminded that he has a life outside code, but that’s Charles for you.

Kanani Ronald

Kanani Ronald


Thinkx software believes in simple to use but yet efficient systems, that’s where Ronald comes in. Ronald says that a system is as good as how much users find it useful.

For Ronald to archive this he carefully designs interfaces that meet interface standards. Carefully adding the right color and font that users find attractive. He makes interfaces so easy, that way helping users navigate the system efficiently and increasing their work rate.

Japhet Tuyishimire

Japhet Tuyishimire

Lead Developer

Japhet loves web, he builds very attractive and interactive web sites and applications. He has helped Thinkx Software clients enjoy user experience.

Outside Thinkx Software Japhet teaches French language to children and also manages Social Media pages

Julie Batenga

Julie Batenga

Business Lead

Thinkx software develops technology but Julie Batenga makes sure the technology solves business problems.

Julie has a business computing degree from Makerere University Business School (MUBS), and gained experience of interacting with customers from MTN (U). Trust Julie to declare you a business solution.

Mark Tumusiime

Mark Tumusiime


Mark is a natural programmer and he enjoys working on very challenging tasks. Apparently mark does code in PHP and with great interest in AI and..

data analytics using R he is pursuing his degree in software engineering while applying all the knowledge learnt in the real World.

Ronald Ngarombo

Ronald Ngarombo

Software Developer

Ronald is a Code Artisan whose sword is code. He leads our developers, internal and external to deliver apps to our customers on schedule