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To help individuals and communities achieve their goals and aspirations using software and technology.

Thinkx Software Company

Thinkx Software Team was founded by a group of students, way back in 2012 while at the University. In Order to solve community challenges through research in ICT. The team was put together by Our Team Leader Natugasha Dennis and later joined by Kamoga Meddy, Kanani Ronald, Arinda Yvonne and finally Kalungi Charles. However Kamoga Meddyand Arinda Yvonne decided to extend their services to the community through other organizations. And they are doing an amazing job there. The team has continued to grow as the need for effective software in our market increases.

Our Founding member believes that its time for Africa to enjoy homemade solutions that are of quality and satisfying. This has continued to be the main goal for the Team. "Building software that is efficient and satisfying", this is reflected in every product we build and our Clients can testify to that, and as a promise we will keep working towards building software that is of quality and satisfying.

Finally Thinkx Software is a magic Box where you drop your business and personal challenges and experts do the Magic and the problem goes away. Indeed it sounds like Magic. Why X since Thinkx Software is a magic box the X represents all challenges business face and once given to Thinkx Software a solution is found.

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