Credit Plus (U) LTD

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Credit Plus (U) LTD wanted to create means in which salaried employees can get a percentage of their salary as an advance before payday.

They wanted a solution built in less than a month so as to penetrate the market fast. Some of the consultants saw this as impossible.


Through disruptive thinking our team engaged users and Credit Plus (U) LTD top level management to find the best way to deliver the solution.

Since most users are used to ussd applications like mobile money, Credit Plus (U) LTD inherits some of the features to make it simplier for users of the system for example ( sample code like *1342*57# ) is used to make a request therefore the learning curve is Zero days. The system uses Gsm network [2G] which has a massive coverage in uganda giving Credit Plus (U) LTD ability to scale to places where there is no internet access.We also intergrated mobile money payment gateways to assist the employee who needs an advance.

We used agile development methodology where functionalities are developed, tested throughly and intergrated in a contineous delivery model therefore the project was completed in a space of 1 month.


The system is functional and helps salaried employees backed by their employers to get a percentage of their salary in advance which helpes them respond to imergences like school fees and bills. Mobile money like ussd code eg *3433# is used to send a request for an advance. Once the advance is automatically approved, the system uses mobile money payment getway to send money directly to the employee mobile phone.

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